Franck Johannesen’slove for working with wood started in Norway when he was a young boy and spent much of his time in his grandfather’s shop watching him build boats.   As he grew older he became involved with furniture making, determined to hone his skills as a craftsman.   However, it was woodturning that became his ultimate passion, as he was captured by the opportunity to express himself artistically in an almost endless variety of ways.  Woodturning opened up new worlds of opportunity and Franck enjoyed making aesthetically pleasing and functional drop spindles for the fiber community, traveling across the country to exhibit them in shows.   After drop spindles, he tried his hand at making exquisite salad bowls, mesmerized by the textures, shapes and colors he could achieve.  Many well-appointed homes across America include a Franck Johannesen salad bowl in their kitchens and the demand for them continues to this day. 

Franck Johannesen

 He teaches as only a master can, not only focusing on methodology, but also on strategies and aesthetics.  His classes are popular, keeping him busy, but he also sells tools and equipment and has a loyal customer base.  His customers love him because he stays current in the industry, designs original tools that solve problems and always has time to answer even the most difficult questions.

Even with such a full schedule of activities, Franck continues to create and sell woodturned pieces that find their way into discriminating collections and galleries across the nation.  He also enjoys traveling to shows as his schedule permits and has been selected to be a demonstrator at the American Association of Woodturner’s 30th Annual International Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia, teaching a technique he pioneered for cutting Norfolk Island Pine wood where the side grain shows.  He is always looking for solutions and original ways of doing things, but his very favorite styles are inspired by the shapes of the vessels that the Southwest Native Americans are known for.  These shapes translate beautifully into woodturned pieces.  

Franck loves staying busy, but some of his favorite moments are when he is alone in his shop and can “stick his phone in sawdust shavings” and bask in the “euphoria” that comes from being “in the zone” as he turns wood and watches it transform before his very eyes.   

2016 Itinerary:

January - Demonstration at Advantage Lumber, Sarasota, Florida 

February - Hands-on Woodturners, Beverly Hills, Florida

April - Demonstration at Brooksville Woodturners, Brooksville, Florida

May - Lutz, Florida Tri-County Woodturners 

June - Selected Demonstrator at International AAW Symposium, Atlanta, Georgia

July - December - Available

Franck also spent half a decade sharing his love for woodturning with his students at the John C. Campbell Folk School in beautiful North Carolina where he taught, and quite a few of his students went on to achieve gallery representation.

As a long-time member of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), Franck credits them as being instrumental in helping him to establish a first-class woodturning club and to attract accomplished teachers and demonstrators when he moved to Sarasota, Florida.   The Sarasota Woodturners club has become very popular in the community and boasts a large and distinguished membership.  Some of the top woodturners in the nation, and from other countries as well, are among invited guest demonstrators.   Many woodturners visiting the Sarasota area make it a point to visit what is simply known among woodturners as “Franck’s place,” which packs a full house every Tuesday night and has for over a decade.   There is always something exciting going on at Franck’s place!

With twenty years of woodturning experience and desiring to leave a legacy, Franck has also developed a woodturning school where he mentors students who will carry the woodturning craft forward.  He loves to see them smile as they discover what is possible in the creative process and also as they discover their own hidden talents.  

FrancK's Woodturning Sarasota, Florida